An Unwilling Experiment

Elena Ramos
3 min readSep 25
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A Chance Encounter

Heinrich hurried through the darkened streets, the night air cold against his face. As he turned the corner, he collided with warmth — another person!
“Pardon,” said a voice, gentle and calm. Heinrich looked up to see a kindly face peering down at him, concern in his eyes. “You seem distressed, friend. What troubles you?”
Heinrich’s breath came in gasps. “They — the scientists — another experiment. I cannot…”
The man nodded slowly. “I understand your plight. Those men stop at nothing in their pursuit of knowledge. You don’t have to deal with them alone, though.” He extended a gloved hand. “My name is Wilhelm. Come, there may be a way to gain your freedom.”
Hope and doubt warred within Heinrich. “But how can you help? They won’t let me go without a fight.”
“Do not lose faith,” Wilhelm said with a reassuring smile. “I’ve dealt with similar situations before. Now come — the night grows late, and we must hurry if we are to outwit them.”
Grasping the outstretched hand, Heinrich allowed himself to hope that here, at last, was a chance at escape.

An Offer of Assistance

Wilhelm led Heinrich through winding back streets to a tiny flat at the top of an old building. “Please, come in and rest,” he said. “You must be exhausted after all you’ve endured.”
As Heinrich warmed himself by the fire, Wilhelm spoke. “I know of the unethical experiments at the laboratory. My friend was also a subject until I helped him escape. Now I seek to end their atrocities.”
“But how?” asked Heinrich. “They are powerful men. The authorities will not interfere.”
Wilhelm smiled. “We shall appeal not to force but to reason. I know their scientific director, a man who still believes in ethics. If we can prove the extent of harm, he may put a stop to it.”
“You can do this?” Hope grew in Heinrich’s heart again.
“With your testimony of the treatments, yes.” Wilhelm’s eyes shone with resolve. “You would be free, and others may find release as well. What say you — will you help me expose the truth?”
Heinrich straightened. “To see justice — and ensure no others suffer as I did? You have my full support, Wilhelm. I’ll be completely honest.”

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