Cleanup From the Particle Accelerator Explosion

Elena Ramos
3 min readSep 27
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Azemarus Arrives at the Labs

Azemarus stepped off the carriage and gazed up at the towering laboratory complex. “This is an impressive building. I’m excited to contribute to the crucial work being done here.”
A young assistant greeted him. “You must be Azemarus. We’re glad to have another set of hands. I’m Balint. Come, let me show you around.”
As they walked, Balint explained the various experiments underway. “Our most promising research involves harnessing energy at the atomic level. But it’s delicate work. Care must be taken.”
Azemarus nodded thoughtfully. “Precision and safety should always be the top priorities with such groundbreaking science.”
They entered a vast chamber housing the massive particle accelerator. Researchers swarmed around making adjustments. “It’s almost ready for another trial,” said Balint proudly.
“Magnificent. To be part of experiments that expand our understanding of nature itself is a noble calling,” replied Azemarus in awe. Perhaps here he could make contributions that served both science and humanity. If secrets of physics were unveiled carefully, wonders beyond imagination could be achieved for the benefit of all.

Strange Occurrences in the Debris

The next day, Azemarus got to work sifting through the wreckage from the previous night’s accident. “It appears that there is no obvious cause,” he muttered.
Balint overheard. “It is strange, isn’t it? The equipment was functioning perfectly.”
Azemarus spied something under a fallen beam. “Balint, come take a look. I have no idea what this is.”
Balint gasped. It was a charred lump but with an unmistakable humanlike form. “An animal must have gotten trapped here. The fire destroyed it.”
“Perhaps.” Azemarus didn’t sound convinced. Under his scrutiny, the lump twitched!
“It moved!” cried Balint. They stared in disbelief as one arm slowly rose then fell limp again.
Azemarus leaned closer. Within the blackened flesh, sinews and muscles were reforming. Bones knitted. Eyes, a ghastly yellow, fluttered open and fixed upon them. A guttural groan issued from its throat.
Balint staggered back. “Dear Lord…what has the accident wrought?” The thing was remaking…

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