Containing the Toxic Abomination

Elena Ramos
3 min readSep 26
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

A Mystery in the Laboratory

“Jakob, come quickly!” called Dr. Waltham from his laboratory late one night. “There seems to be some kind of reaction taking place in my latest concoction but I cannot determine the cause.”
Jakob rushed into the laboratory and gasped at the strange blue glow emanating from a beaker on the workbench. “Heavens above, what have you created?” he said with alarm. “The mixture seems unstable, best we contain it before it explodes.”
Working swiftly, the doctors emptied the beaker into a reinforced steel container and sealed it shut. But not before a strange viscous substance emerged from the liquid and began oozing across the tabletop. “What in damnation is this thing?” cried Jakob.
At that moment there came a loud pounding on the laboratory door. “Dr. Waltham, there is trouble in the village! Come quickly, a horde of diseased creatures is attacking the people!”
Jakob and the doctor shared a grave look. “This strange ooze and the village plague must be connected somehow,” said Dr. Waltham grimly. “We must find a way to stop this infestation before it spreads further. But first, we must learn its origin…”

Capture of the Creature

That night, beneath a full moon, Jakob and Dr. Waltham ventured into the streets in search of the mysterious creatures. They soon came upon a gang of beasts lurching down the lane, their bloated bodies oozing a foul-smelling slime.
“Do not let them touch you, their fluids appear toxic,” warned the doctor. As one of the creatures shuffled towards them, Jakob leaped forward and trapped it in a sturdy burlap sack. It screeched and writhed violently, but could not break free of the heavy fabric.
“Help me subdue it, we must take it back alive!” panted Jakob as he struggled to cinch the sack closed. With their combined strength they managed to bind the creature securely.
As they hurried back to the laboratory, another thought struck Dr. Waltham. “However did these plagued creatures come to be? What sinister hand unleashed them upon the town?” Jakob could only shake his head grimly. Once back in the lab, they would have to solve not one mystery but two: the source of the contagion, and the identity of its orchestrator. For now, their captive…

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