The Curious Case of Dr. Moussavou

Elena Ramos
3 min readSep 27
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A Scientist’s Discovery

Dr. Léon Moussavou carefully studied the sample under his microscope, his brow furrowed in focus. A curious virus, unlike anything he had seen before.
“Dr. Bondeko, come take a look at this,” he called to his colleague. “What do you make of its structure?”
She peered into the eyepiece. “How strange…its cells seem almost…artificial. But that can’t be?”
“I know, it defies explanation. I must run more tests.”
Days passed as Moussavou toiled away, running test after test. His curiosity grew as did his fascination with the mysterious virus. What was its origin? How might it affect human cells?
Late one night, a breakthrough. “Eureka!” he exclaimed, waving a sheaf of papers excitedly. “Its genome has segments that appear engineered. I believe this virus was bioengineered, but for what purpose I cannot say. This finding must be shared with the world.”
But would the world be ready for the truths this strange virus might hold? Moussavou was determined to uncover its secrets, whatever the cost.

An Unleashed Virus

“These findings are too sensitive, Léon. You must not publish until we’ve run further tests,” cautioned Dr. Bondeko.
But Moussavou would not be dissuaded. Late one night, alone in the lab, he cultivated a sample of the virus to send to colleagues abroad.
“What are you doing?! Stop, it’s too dangerous!” cried Bondeko, rushing in. But it was too late. A glass vial slipped from Moussavou’s hands and shattered on the floor.
Horror flooded their faces as the virus took hold in the air. They rushed to don protective gear but it was already too late for Bondeko. She collapsed, seized by a wracking cough.
“No!” screamed Moussavou, grabbing her limp form. Tears blurred his vision as guilt overwhelmed him.
In the following days, the virus spread swiftly through the city. Hospitals overflowed with the sick and dying. Moussavou worked tirelessly to understand this scourge and develop a treatment.
One evening, exhausted and grieving the loss of his friend, he received alarming news. The virus had jumped boundaries and was now devastating communities across the nation. How many more would perish before he found the answers?

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