Unleashing the Creation

Elena Ramos
3 min readSep 26
Photo by Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash

A Curious Discovery

It was a damp Autumn evening as Dr. Elijah Hart walked the wooded grounds surrounding his manor home. As the skies darkened, his curiosity was piqued by a strange blue glow emanating from amongst the trees. “What mystery could be revealing itself on this dreary night?” he wondered aloud.
Drawing nearer, he soon discovered the source — a peculiar sea creature, its inner workings exposed and illuminated from within by some unseen force. Though damaged and dying, its anatomy was unlike anything in his studies. Gingerly lifting the creature, whose body was larger than his palms combined, Elijah hurried home through the rain, anxious to further examine his discovery under glass and scope.
Setting up his portable laboratory, Elijah made meticulous notes and sketches by candlelight, fascinated by the intricacies of muscle and sinew before him. How did this being thrive so far from shore? What strange magic or science gave it light from within? Lost in speculation, he barely noticed the dark sky yielding to dawn. Exhausted but unsatisfied, he vowed to unlock the mysteries of this curious creature and record his findings for posterity.

The Spark of Life

Elijah pored over his notes from the previous night, hoping they would yield new insights in the light of day. As he re-examined the peculiar aquamarine anatomy under glass, a theory began to form — perhaps this creature’s inner glow was more than mere artifice, but rather a self-sufficient source of life.
Testing his hypothesis, Elijah attempted to stimulate the creature’s luminous organs using mild electric currents from his laboratory equipment. To his amazement, the tiny lights began to flicker once more. Steadily increasing stimulation caused the lights to pulse brighter, resembling something akin to a heartbeat.
Just then, Elijah’s assistant Thomas entered with news of another discovery — a large twisted shell partially buried in the rain-softened earth. Brushing it clear, Elijah gasped to find subtle markings and a form curiously matching the organs he had witnessed only under glass. Could this be the very shell the creature once inhabited? Impossible hopes and questions swirled in his mind. If electricity could stir these lights to life-like function once more, what more might it be capable…

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